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Allmountain ski 2021/22

Dynastar Speed 4x4, 2021, Action
At home all over the mountain

The new "all-mountain" segment has been established in the ski trade for a good 10 years. The extension of the carving ski by an additional bend (rocker) on the shovel and sometimes even at the end of the ski has once again significantly increased the variety of ski models. The rocker is intended to allow the skier to access a wider range of terrain on the mountain, hence the term "all-mountain". In America and Canada in particular, this is understood to mean a wide ski that can be used both in deep snow and on the slopes. In Europe, people think in terms of piste and tend to offer "half" all-mountain skis that are a little wider than classic carving skis. We briefly present the models for the 2021/22 season here.

Elan logo

Elan Amphibio

Allmountain line
Solid and confident on the slopes

Elan's Amphibio concept is unique. Whether this technology is really the reason for its dignified ride, we do not know. But we do know one thing for sure: it rides outrageously well and always remains confident on the slopes. How do we know that? Because we tested it objectively. Feel free to search for our test report.

Elan logo

Elan Wingman

Allmountain line
Surfing on and off the slopes

The Wingman line is the union of the Amphibio models and the freeride line Ripstick. The continuous wide shape makes it immediately clear that the models easily displace the snow, which leads to a surfer feeling on the slopes. Nevertheless, they are narrower and easier to turn than true freeride skis, which is why they are true all-rounders.


Rossignol Experience

Allmountain line
A new concept

The Experience line has now survived a good decade in the ski market, which gives it an excellent report card. Nevertheless, the makers at Rossignol are still trying to go one better, so the line has been redesigned. The environmentally designed ski now combines power and control on and off the slopes. Try it!


Dynastar Speed 4x4

Allmountain line
Off-piste and on-piste

The Speed 4×4 models were launched last year. The 4×4 leans on the 4-wheel drive from automotive technology and expresses the off-road capability of the model. The shape and construction naturally take care of this, and the cover sheets have been renewed. Something for all-rounders.

AC3 & CR2

Allmountain models
Allmountain with Schmack

For followers of Fjell performance skis who appreciate a little more versatility and don't want to sacrifice high-end quality, Fjell offers two piste-oriented all-mountain models for even more fun on the mountain.

Radical Sports Logo

Radical Allmountain

Allmountain line
Handmade Fun

The two all-mountain models have been completely redesigned, striking the angular shovel and the flat ski end. The new wide shovel shows itself in soft snow and powder passages together with the tip rocker as the ideal connection to float up perfectly. The wider model appeals more to the freerider, the narrower more to the piste crack who wants to let it cool crack.


Allmountain line
Lightweight allmountain ski
The redesigned ROAMr now features patent-pending magnetic contact points to speed the transition from ski walking to ski carrying and eliminate the need for a strap when carrying the skis. The skis are made with 2 full layers of Titanal aluminum, our lightweight wood core, PolyUrethane sidewalls and a low profile design. The tighter turn radius initiates quickly for a brisk, responsive and ultimately playful experience in all snow conditions. A great choice for those looking to ski in and out of the limits without missing a beat.
Swiss solid logo black

Swiss Massive Allmountain

Allmountain line
Handmade allmountain carver
- each ski is unique
Even though the model "Allmountain" does not use a rocker, swiss massiv calls this model "Allmountain", because the widest model with a center width of 80 mm, thanks to its soft shovel and its width already provides decent lift and also passages with powder snow grown. The fiber bamboo sidewalls provide good edge grip over the entire running surface of the ski.
Elan logo

Elan Wildcat

Ladies allmountain line
Real surfy

What is called "Wingman" for the men, is called "Wildcat" for the ladies. The rocker technology is taken from Amphibio, but the shape comes from Ripstick. The result is an all-mountain ski with a wide shape that easily displaces soft snow massages. the ladies surf the slopes. Ladies who want to be safe both on and off the slopes choose a Wildcat.

Elan logo

Elan Insomnia

Ladies allmountain line
The female counterpart to Amphibio

What the Amphibio models are for men, the Insomnia line is for women. A dignified model series for female piste skiers, built on the asymmetrical Amphibio concept.


Rossignol Experience W

Ladies allmountain line
Modern all resort skiing

The new Experience W line makes it clear at first glance that it is trendy. Analogous to the men's Experience models have been developed a technical analog line for women, which also stands for power and control anywhere on the mountain. Let's roll it!

E 4x4

Allmountain line for women
The versatile

The ladies have also been considered by Dynastar's "4×4" concept, so that the slope ladies can romp both on and off the slopes.

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